Our Vision, Mission, & Values

We aim to be the most community-centered software company in the world.

We are a Milwaukee-based team with strong Midwestern roots. We believe in openness and collaboration.

We love data and believe that software and information should be empowering and delightful.

We envision a world where those working to improve community health are empowered to create real change.

Our Team

Tracy Flood MD, PhD

CEO & Co-founder. An active member in local and statewide collective impact initiatives. A decade of experience working with health data measuring chronic disease prevention, specifically childhood obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Tom Schmitt, PHD

Chief Data Officer & Co-founder. Tom's expertise is in Measurement, Survey Development and Evaluation. He has a PhD in Applied Statistics and Measurement and was previously a tenured Associate Professor at Eastern Michigan University.

James Walters, MS

CTO & Co-founder. James is a Data Scientist and Statistical Programmer with expertise in all things software and data related. James has a Master’s in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science from Marquette University.

Dan Sass, PHD

Statistician. Associate Professor of Statistics and Director of the Statistical Consulting Center in the College of Business at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Dan has extensive experience across a wide variety of organizations and business with Surveys, Evaluation, Factor Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling, and Multilevel Modeling.

Our Name

Our Name Comes From

The Ghost Map of BroadStreet

John Snow’s statistical mapping of the London city Broad Street Cholera outbreak in 1854 is considered, by many, to be a community health milestone, marking the beginning of modern statistical epidemiology. At BroadStreet, we’re revolutionizing John Snow’s vision of community health with cutting edge data visualization and data science. Much like John Snow, we recognize the foundation of healthy communities is built with handcrafted design, great data science, and a caring community.

Welcome to the new BroadStreet.

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